Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Christ Church, Oxford

Old Tom

Anne, Pat and Chip view Tom Tower, aka Old Tom
Birthday boy
Dining Hall Christ Church
Head of the River
The Bear
Christ Church Chapel

The Corys visit us for a day in Oxford. The pub crawl starts at the Head of the River on the Thames. Then a trip to Christ Church to see where the Harry Potter Quidditch match was filmed and to view their Dining Hall which was the model for Hogwarts' dining hall. Pub crawl proceeds to the Bear, the Kings Arms and the Turf Tavern. We are pooped. Ends with birthday cake and presents at Kineton Road.


  1. I have two comments:
    I am too jealous for words.
    Secondly, you will be glad to be home, sure, but you will SO miss this place. I can tell.

    That's all for now. I need to pamper my bruised inner something or other. Too jealous to stay out in the open.

    Maybe next year we can do another trip somewhere? Huh? Maybe?

  2. I think we are highly compatible travelers so another trip is ON.

    It is not hard thinking about living here indefinitely but that's probably because I know it's indeed finite. I vaguely recall a house and some pets elswehere. I might be one of those people who could run away and start a new life, new identity, without looking back. Hmmm.

  3. speaking of crap parents.....remember
    the incident of #3 son falling down
    the stairs when he was only 7 months
    old? family friend, Dr Stover's
    comment was "Oh, for God's sake, I
    guess if he can get through the
    birth canal, he can survive this"

    I think we do the best we can (given
    no prior experience)