Monday, November 10, 2008

Rain Rain Rain

The weather has turned decidedly English. Gusty winds and rain most of today. Cycled to the grocery store for dinner stuff at 8am before the big rains came. Then as I ate my lunch, right there on ITV's This Morning was my first ever Zac Efron! Do you recognize him? He'll be on TV again in America very soon, he says. He and his brothers are developing a show. That's the hint. He's still dreamy.


  1. I also liked him back in the day, but, a thousand times no! That is way too much forehead.

  2. OMG, when we were little Michele had the Partridge Family albums and we used to stare at the cover! And when we would play together, she always got David as her boyfriend and I was stuck with Danny! Ah, the woes of being the little sister...

  3. Danny was and still is disgusting. You could just tell he would grow up creepy.
    Love hearing from you!

  4. Answer: That picture.

    Question: "What do you get if you cross Bart Starr with Tim Curry?"