Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Journey north

As succinctly as I can say it, when people ask how we cope with the temps in the winter, "People just live their lives."

When we first moved here, Kite Fest was an amazing colorful spectacle held on a frozen lake with thousands of people watching all the amazing kite flying. It could be 20 degrees or 0 degree and people went and had a good time. There's not much drama around the weather here. It's just information as you head out the door. And you do head out the door regardless.

So tomorrow this lovely fit friend is taking me with some other athletic ladies for a weekend "up north" skiing, snowshoeing and hopefully a little People Magazine reading. I bought new leggings to wear snowshoeing. By God, if I'm going to blow out a knee, I'm going to look good doing it.


  1. It makes Oxford look so pathetic - everything has ground to a halt here with 5 inches of snow...

  2. I heard! What a mess! Well, snow does eventually melt but maybe England should invest in three or four plows just in case.
    Take care! BTW, I have trouble posting on your blog although I have tried. I do still read it though! Want you to know!

  3. Ms woman of a certain very young if you ask me age, permit me to disagree: some of us don't just roll with it: some of us really struggle to make it through winter. Some of us think about the temp outside every free minute of the day. Some of us would live elsewhere but for work and family. Imagine -- there are people who are watching flowers put forth their second bloom at this moment. In this country. Just not in Wisconsin. Sigh...

  4. p.s. the reference above to your "very young age" is intended as a good thing. Young people are less traumatized by the cold.