Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crafting the day away

Silly old day.

My waking hours...about fifteen today so far and six of those spent making mittens.  The big plan for today had been to order a Twilight birthday cake with a photo of Jacob scanned onto it, make homemade soup and keep a sick kid company.

"I don't care what picture you use Mom, just make sure that fine man's face is on my cake."


Some friends had set out an ambitious plan today to make mittens from vintage wool sweaters and fleece.  As an old dog, I'm generally afraid (and tired and not that interested and a little ADD) to try new tricks but there was no room for self doubters at the table.  They were on a mission and it was either throw down with the krazy krafters and make a pair of mittens today or take my fear-of-failure ball and go home, make the soup and watch my sick kid watch bad TV.  


Serendipitous creative opportunities can be delightful and inspiring in the right spirit.  Taking chances without being afraid to fail because perfection is not interesting to the group.  No apologies necessary, not even when two of the three of us realized we had sewn both our linings as left handed.  The finished products were far from perfect with one of my mittens appearing to be the big brother of the other one...but it didn't matter.  It turned out that the sick kid was fine on her own and McDonalds is a great resource specifically for the hungry family whose cook has stumbled away from the hearth for the day.

A fiber artist is born.


  1. I want to dedicate this post to Sarah KD, a krazy krafter across the pond, and to Susan for her birthday, a krazy krafter across the Mississippi. XO to you both.

  2. I LOVE those! They're amazing! And I'm secretly delighted that other people do things like making 2 left hand linings - happens to me all the time due to a genetic inability to Think Things Through. Well done on the mittens - enjoy the smugness of creation (which let's face it, is a lot of the fun of doing it at all).

  3. I love these, too. If we can make them while drinking, it would be the perfect winter weekend craft! -Leslie

  4. As a textiles major, who as of late, uses the degree to masterfully do laundry, I am impressed with your creations and a little envious that you have a group to create with. If I were to incorporate Leslie's idea into it, I would be highly motivated to drive to Madison and invite myself into your "krafter korner" immediately.