Monday, March 14, 2011

So much stuff going on

The early March scene in Madison is upon us, when winter is not really over but we're all kind of getting a bit done with cold weather activities and therefore, the cold weather.  The snow is old and crunchy.   My XC skis lean with a detached mood against the side of the garage, without much appeal to me or me to them I think.   The temperatures will keep popping up into the high thirties from now on and so the occasional flurries or freshening snow here and there won't do much except turn what's left of the snow into a dirty ice pack that will melt and freeze into a composite similar to the surface of Neptune.  So much for the snow.
Minnie didn't know whether to bark at it or pee on it.  She did neither in the end.

Cheese or pepperoni?
The past three years I have played host to hundreds of hungry teenagers at the home forensics tournament at the high school.  Rounding up enough parent donations of fruit and drinks to augment two pieces of pizza and charge 5 bucks without the kids complaining of the value.  It was my calling these three years as it turns out.   And so once again, I spent an exhausting day off (precious this year) waiting on children who are old enough to wait on themselves.  I'm done volunteering for this event as my senior is outta there and my sophomore doesn't see a future in the spoken word.  So much for forensics.

The first year I was freaked out by hundreds of kids talking to the walls.  This year I barely noticed them.

We've welcomed back our Wisconsin 14 but our state is angry and divided, the many now without collective bargaining, a fundamental human right btwubs, against the few on a raging power grab against the middle class to further line pockets that don't even sit in Sconnie pants.  I don't know how all them rich guys can even fit all their money in their pockets with so much fleece in there.

Social media can be both instructive and informative but also repetitive, reactionary, inaccurate and at times in need of spellcheck. Capitol, Capital, capital.  C'mon folks. You're teachers for God's sake!  Facebook has become a sea of armchair postulation as activism.  I'm bored of it as my kids used to say. So much for politics.

It is fun attending the protests and seeing friends even in a crowd of 85,000.
Tony Shalhoub and I exchanged two thumbs up but obviously with my
thumbs up, I couldn't take his picture.  We had a moment though.
My 30th high school reunion in New Orleans is teed up for ten days from now.  They're not the kids I cut my teeth with but they are the ones with whom I stepped out into the world back in 1981.   I'm perhaps a little thicker around the middle than I'd like to be and well, not sure there's anything to be done about that before next Thursday.  But two of my three buddies are headed back with me and that will be just fine to sip a few drinks on the porch of the Columns Hotel as the streetcars vzzzzzz by and their metallic smell mixes with the sweet olive and the night blooming jasmine and whatever other brilliant things might be blooming .  So much for caring about being thin.

Thanks Cath and Nat for kicking me in the ass to get this written.  It needed saying and I couldn't find the words.


  1. Somewhat ironically, with respect to the Forensics tournament, this blog's author is Management while several of its readers are Labor.

  2. My needs are simple. A cup of coffee every morning, a little sweet after dinner and Julie Hunter's blog every week (no pressure here).
    Your biggest fan

  3. I'm with Anonymous.

    And as one of your NOLA-bound HS buddies who also happens to have a forensics history, I'm delighted by a) teens still speaking to walls, and b) the prospect of drinks, streetcars, aromas, snowballs, and other antics which will hopefully rise to level of blog-worthy.

    PS - The 2-week old massive bruise on my leg is further evidence of the end of XC ski season.