Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter funny

Thank goodness Easter is a joyful holiday because the little kids in our church are hilarious. Our church has children's time during the regular services. The kids are called to the front for a mercifully short lesson usually relating to the sermon. Most weeks, it's five minutes of excellent stand-up for the congregation's enjoyment and today did not disappoint.

A giant backpack was delivered to the front of church for the children to ponder its contents. It was eventually revealed to be a big rock, a symbolic representation of the rock moved aside at Jesus' tomb. And the lesson was a good one about letting your faith help you to move the rocks aside in your own life...yes, yes, good message, point taken. But between the children's time conversation below and the church bulletin notice about the upcoming summer children's musical, We Like Sheep, I was just happy to be alive.

Pastor: The backpack looks pretty full. What do you think is in it?

Kids: Eggs! A rabbit! A GPS!

Pastor: Well, no, it's not any of those things. It's really heavy! What do you think could be in this backpack?

Kids: JESUS!

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