Monday, April 20, 2009

Key West

My cousin Bill got married this past weekend in Key West to a great gal named Michelle. We are a small but colorful cast of characters on this side of my family who traveled to the southernmost point in the U.S. A most beautiful weekend of sunny, warm and tropical breezy days. We returned to Milwaukee in forty degree rain and the pilot announced from the cockpit at wheels down,
"And you wanted to come here?"

So what if this weekend were a play....

A Wedding in Key West. A Play in Three Acts.

A Wedding in Key West was produced at the Ocean Key Resort, Key West, Florida, Friday April 16th, 2009 by Bill and Michelle and their parents. It opened to a packed house.

Act I
The rehearsal dinner. The scene begins in the evening in a large house rented for the month by Bill and Michelle where families and friends meet and enjoy spirits and food.

Playful brothers still

Act II
The scenes in this act take place between rehearsal and wedding at Captain Tony's (the original Sloppy Joes where Hemingway drank each afternoon after writing and fishing), poolside in the courtyard of a guesthouse, Duval Street Drag Races (that would be transvestites running races in heels), sunset at Mallory Square, the Hemingway House and morning island bike rides. Flowers bloom everywhere in every scene.

An original descendent of Hemingway's six toed cat
I highly recommend the Pirate Punch. It has lots of gin.
Jessica, Brittany and Ally
Drag Races of Duval Street

The Wedding. The scene is at sunset on a twinkling pier with dance floor and Caribbean music trio. Sunset sailboaters crisscross back and forth as the sun descends.

The Cast

In my next life, I want to be a Hemingway House cat
Third cousins, Hannah and Olivia

Old friend of the family, Bloody Mary

Nugget, Bride and groom's son out of wedlock

General Setting of all Scenes:
Warm winds gently ebb and flow day in and out, giving relief to the characters just as they become uncomfortably warm. Flowers bloom everywhere. Roosters crow at sunrise all over the island. Sunsets each night are quiet and orangey fanfare as the sun drops below the horizon except for the gentle clapping of the crowds.

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