Thursday, September 24, 2009

I like this guy and all...

Tradition dictates in the year 2009 that I celebrate my nearest and dearest's birthdays with a few pictures and a visceral, loving post. My most public of relationships with the most private of feelings. Hmmm, I could go on and on about him and that would surely go the way of nauseating. But here's the bottom line distilled down from many to two main points:

He's the baby daddy and my biggest blog fan.

From Woman of a certain age

Literally, we have followed one another to the ends of the earth and that's been going on for about 25 years.

We feel an addiction to one another much like Whitney and Bobby do (let's not kid ourselves that that relationship is over) but the connection is and always has been over the spoken word. My dad has frequently commented through the years that he is baffled by our verbal shorthand...he claims he doesn't understand a thing we say to one another because it's all quick references and smart alecky remarks and banter.

And we do talk a lot. A minimum of three times a day on the phone unless there's a tee time bolloxing up my access. Little check-ins, to-do items, funny stories we won't remember later in the day, irritations, updates, guess what famous person dieds and you won't believe its--work day or not, we get a little twitchy if we don't have our chat time.

So not much to say here (since we've already talked once today) except...

There's nobody luckier in love than me. Happy Birthday Jibber. Call me.

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