Monday, September 21, 2009

Madison's Willy Street Fair will make it alright

"I'm not going to kick the can further down the road." President Obama about health care reform.

I love the phrase. I'm not living it in the slightest in my personal life but I still love it. My situation is more of a where'd I leave stuff ooh look at the butterfly forgetting to turn off the car ignition before getting out of the car kind of can-kicking. Not dealing well with even the most mundane list of tasks. Couldn't even blog until today because everytime I set keystroke to screen, it sounded complainy and fuzzy.

So far I still know how to get home...but I am keeping a close eye on myself and whether I put the keys in the fridge or not.

It seems when my kids go back to school, my September attention deficit disorder flares up. Schedules are full again, my mind is racing in neutral.

...sylla baked cookies...I should bake cookies....where are my keys?....what did I do with that bill I paid, it was supposed to go in the mail it's already late....back to school are my keys?'s birthday is next week....what am I going to get Chip for his birthday....we're out of milk....what am I reading for book club?.....should we go to the wedding?....which car am I taking?....snacks for school lunches..I want a betta fish.....mammogram....Walgreens.....Whitney on Oprah.

Fabulous summer weather for the first three weeks of school, making going to work and sending kids off in the morning feel like we're in a wormhole.

The Willy Street Fair! That'll right my sails. A little afternoon Klezmer music and people watching whilst drinking Fat Tire beer along with the inspired purchase of a metal rooster planter on my favorite side of Madison. I can feel myself re-centering and re-entering. First things first, I bought myself a betta fish.


  1. Yay, she's back. Well, almost. A post, with photos, even if you're only on the way to re-centering and re-entering, is a Good Thing.

    By the way, I think if you watched a little Dancing with the Stars you'd have no problem thinking of things to write about.

  2. Dancing with the Stars is for squares.

  3. I recommend Rachel Maddow's take on Tom Delay's dancing, mashed up with "Wild Thing." I think I love you. (Glad ur back! I rememba Willy St. and a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker. That was a loooonnnng time ago, no?)