Monday, July 26, 2010

July turns to August

Happens every year.  Summer feels like it's slipping away so fast and I feel I've yet to relish it.  Are my expectations too high?  For sure.  Having a glass of sauvignon blanc or a cup of coffee in the sunshine and doing my gardening should more than satisfy.  But I'm greedy and I just want those moments every day and more often than regular living supports.  Groceries still need getting, dentists need seeing, hair needs cutting, meetings still meet.   I think I put too much pressure on July and it tells me every year, "...Look lady, I take my pound of flesh just like February but I do it at 85 degrees with the sun shining.  Get over it and go take a bike ride."  And I did today and it was glorious.  But back to my complaining.

The garden has taken on its late summer variegated greens and purples and started to brown a little bit at the edges, like my mood.  It's still lush but the bugs are finally taking their toll and in a few weeks, I'll run out of steam and give up the good fight.  There is a season, turn turn turn.  By late August, I'll be pricing the potted mums. I'm a weather ingrate is what I am.  

Mission daughter has returned while camp daughter has departed.  The girls used to both go to camp the same week but that led to me roaming the house running my hands across the furniture and staring forlornly out the window.  One gone at a time is better.

On a positive note I'll say that a perk of long, warm evenings that don't drive us under our comforters at 7pm is that we have whittled down our summer TV to-do list in record time.  Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of The Wire finito.  Oh Stringer, you gorgeous thug.... I'll miss you.

The most damning evidence of my summer fugue state may be that not only did Chip and I don identical t-shirts and green khaki shorts today, unknowingly until running into each other late morning, neither one of us bothered to change.  Yep, went about our day together in matching outfits and actually kind of forgot about it.  Not weird or sad at all.


  1. Hey, I know they both had the same logo, but mine was gray and yours was white. Which now that I think of it, sort of made it worse, like we were going for some sort of "salt & pepper" effect. At least we changed for dinner.

  2. Ha! Chris & I showed up at the car to run errands last week, each wearing gray Ts & green khaki bottoms. (Mine capris, Chris' not. Thankfully.) We didn't change either.

    Age? Suburban upper midwest? Complete lack of imagination or energy?

    Something to chuckle about anyway. And we celebrated by special ordering a new storm door. Woo hoo!!!!

  3. Posted at 2:57 am? You ARE a middle-ager! Nat H.

  4. Definitely lack of imagination and suburban midwest. Midwest, middle's fitting. Now pass the arsenic.

  5. May I have mine with a shot of vodka, please?