Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Despite a "poorly tum", Olivia bravely set out with us this morning to Blarney Castle. We lay on our backs, threw the upper half of our bodies over the edge with support from the nice man and reached our lips out to where millions of lips have gone before. It was truly exhilarating to be held upside down at that height. I love roller coasters though so maybe it's just me.

As expected, only American and Australian accents were to be found. And nobody looked older than 25. But of course. Students and young people, already accustomed to traveling with no money, unaffected by the world financial crisis.

Blarney Castle is the "castley-ist" castle I've ever visited. Nothing's roped off and there are multiple stairwells and hidden rooms and little alcoves to explore, including the dungeons and the dog kennels. It's really awesome. We were sad that we forgot to bring Chip's sword from Edinburgh Castle, because he truly could have run around this castle with sword drawn for hours. Our favorite castle feature was the Murder Hole, a second floor grate just above the front gates, where hot oil can be directly poured down onto intruders' heads, should they manage to get through.

A fond farewell to Ireland. We're off at 5am tomorrow to Rosslare to catch our ferry back to England. One more big trip, but first a serious date at the laundromat. Our clothes are falling apart after five months, so the culling of the herd begins tomorrow--no sense washing what should go into the bin. My life in England shall ever be defined by my efforts around laundering.

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