Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Ring of Kerry

People first, then money, then things.
Suze Orman - Money - Life - Assets

Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter into it take with you your all.
Khalil Gibran

We left our B and B Saturday morning in Galway to continue south and because the adorable, hardworking Hannah had mentioned she was saving to come to America, we dropped a heavy tip and our address in the states into her hand before we left. Suze and Khalil would approve, right?

As we get older, we certainly see the fruits of Suze Orman's advice about not being tight with one's money (even if you aren't a millionaire like her), as it seems the more we give it away, the more we reap higher returns in other ways. We pulled over at a turn off to take a few photos before approaching the Ring of Kerry and had the great fortune of meeting Brian and Catriona Flaherty, who had also pulled off to stretch their legs. After getting some navigation suggestions about our trip around the Ring of Kerry, we soon found ourselves on a tour of the Ring and then as guests for lunch at their beautiful cottage in Ballinskelligs. "Just follow me." Following a near local through these parts was fantastic fun for two reasons. We never would have been brave enough to take the more rural and scenic route we took and I am quite sure we would not have gone as fast. Zipping along the winding roads, under Brian's deft leadership, was exciting and certainly gave Chip the courage to take command of the roads on the return trip as we started to lose our daylight.

We enjoyed the bounty of the Flaherty Christmas and New Year's family celebration goodies brought with them from their home outside Dublin. They have been coming to this area of Ireland for 28 years, since their oldest child was nine months old. The house has recently been renovated to increase the number of bedrooms to accommodate what they hope to be a a growing family of their children, spouses and grandchildren to come. From their windows, we could see mountains and sea.

I can't say enough about the beauty of the Ring of Kerry and the pictures (wonky Internet connection won't allow them to load, I think because they're just too beautiful the computer is overwhelmed) will have to follow. But the one picture of all of us loaded and I think that's perfect. I can't say enough about the generosity of the Flahertys for inviting a merry band of hungry American misfits to their house to share their food and drink. It was truly the best meal we've had on this vacation and thanks just doesn't seem enough. More pictures to be added later when I can find an Internet cafe with proper WIFI.

Everywhere we looked, it was mountains, water, rocky terrain and rolling green. Wish to buy a house here, but commute will be difficult.

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  1. Meeting "locals" is often times the very best
    of traveling. How nice of the Flahertys to
    invite you into their home!