Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring break

I wish there were blossoms in Madison but not yet

My friends and neighbors have all fled for warm climates, the traitorous lot.  Chip and Olivia will visit a few colleges in the next few days but Ally and I are hanging out at home without a plan, although the reality is she has a swinging social life and gets offers to do stuff last minute all the time so I think it just might be me hanging out without the plan.

Steve and Minnie 

I have had a few years to process and grieve the dissolution of the family spring break.  Unimaginable back in the Disney Princess Easter dresses era of our lives, my beloved book club made up of women a half step ahead of me in the parenting biz gave me all sorts of heads up about how life changes with teenagers.  They would report, not even complain, that their kids would barely get out of bed over spring break let alone get into a car or on a plane to do anything.  It seemed so distant in my future, but something said “pay attention to these crazy b*tches for in their wine fueled musings there lies great wisdom.”  From “accidentally” getting onto porn web sites to “forgetting” to call one's parents until well after 1am for a ride on a Saturday night to spending spring break like vampires, the book club lady predictions about life with good and normal teenagers have been resignedly accurate. And here we are. It’s been incredibly helpful foreseeing the future and I do my best to gently pay it forward to my friends a half step behind me.  They probably think I’m a crazy b*tch too…and that’s ok because I actually am.

Da Bruce

I predict Ally will be content this week to sleep in and sleep often, finish watching the last season of The O.C. on DVD and go to softball practice.  Liv and Chip will only be gone a few days and then she’ll be back and firmly entrenched in Farmville before finally cracking a textbook on Easter Sunday with her basket of chocolate in the bed with her.  And it’s all good because it’s all been foretold.  So good in fact that Chip and I are considering our options for late next week.  Teen slackerdom is a boring spectator sport after awhile and we kind of think a museum in Chicago might be more interesting.  I’m trying to rediscover free time for myself and how to make a plan.   I have lots of actual free time but I squander it mostly wandering and wondering where everyone is…. in parking lots, at the mall, the orthodontist’s office, etc.  Although honestly I’m going to require some deprogramming or a rebirthing or whatever that thing is that NASA does to the astronauts when they come back from space. 

Minnie the moocher

All I can post are pictures of very lazy pets that sort of exemplify our vibe over spring break.  Very chill. 


  1. It's a good vibe. Enjoy this ebb. Or flow. Whatevs.

    And thanks for the heads up about what's to come. I always recognize the wisdom you share. We venture out for a furiously programmed 5 days next week, but I'll savor it, knowing that my time with a vampire lurks.

    Enjoy Chicago!

  2. Watching the boys swim in the pool in Montgomery, AL and reading your blog. Makes me smile. Soon we are off to MLK's church and to take a peak at "Old Alabama".
    I hope the sun is shining on you in Wisconsin. Have fun in, as Alban used to say, "Miss Tado".