Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Scotty on the new Starship Enterprise

UW Hospital and Clinics
UW Hospital is assembled not unlike the pillars of the Giants Causeway, with an elevator bay in each pillar.  But to get to the J wing, well, you're going to need to take the H or the K elevators because while there is a J pillar, there is no J elevator.  I will get to the bottom of that madness eventually as it's fooled me more than once and now I'm just pissed, but it's my world for now.

In a nutshell, the job is great.  My reflections have everything to do with being a newbie.  Everybody is very nice and understanding because everybody remembers being new on a job and in the history of mankind nobody ever enjoyed it.  People help me on elevators, in corridors, in the clinics, in the cafeteria.  They couldn't be nicer really.  It's a thing in hospitals.  Ministering to lost souls. And it's a fact somewhere I'm sure that hospitals are built only to be quickly and constantly retrofitted for the rest of their existence for the explosion of people and services that follow.   I have never entered or exited work the same way twice and that is not by choice.  I'm surprised every day that I pop out of the complex facing a different direction.

Due to the rapid regeneration of brain tissue, I have twice passed out with tongue lolling and what I want to believe was gentle snoring well before 10 p.m. most evenings this week.  Chip and I are mere ships passing in the morning over the paper and a cup of coffee.  I even had an evening meeting this week. We're that family now.  The girls are bearing up well and really it's about time anyway that they learn where the spoons and forks are.

My walk has been crazy long until yesterday when I discovered a crucial hypotenuse along my long lonely journey.  Today I believe I actually looked like I knew where I was going.

Home sweet home


  1. That's more like it. Happy to hear that you're being treated well in captivity. Always wondered how many poor souls end up spending years wandering in the labyrinth that's UW hospital. I take my GPS when I have to go there.

  2. Reinventing your badass self once again...admiring your balls and your way with words...miss you... xoxo...cele

  3. Not for nothing, but the two of many friend women who have posted their amazing words here and there are strong and smart and make me want to write more. You'd think I'm the one who inspires, but it's quite the other way. I love you guys.