Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The Mister is home.  Life is returning to normal.  He's still getting up at 4am and while I should want that to get better for him, really for me, it's nice that the coffee is always ready when I get up....so yeah.
Kansas sunset

Now I know there's a lot of hard evidence out there that says hearing about other people's dreams is dead boring.  And yet, I shall tell you my dream anyway.

Nappers in Central Park
I found myself in a very pleasant, somewhat vintage decored and sunny hotel room, upgraded to a suite because the hotel was all out of regular rooms.  A lot of space, a really big bed with throw pillows for just me (poor Chip, he's been gone so long I forgot to bring him to my dream hotel) and as I looked around I saw what I thought to be a sitting room around a corner.  Sweet!  And so I took a peek around the corner and was surprised to see instead a dining area with a fully set dining room table.  And to the right of the table was a fully stocked bar with a staff bartender and several waitstaff standing with arms folded behind their backs, ready to serve me whatever I desired. Ooh, the ultimate female fantasy...a customer service oriented dream!

It should have tipped me off that I was dreaming because I wasn't particularly freaked out that there were five people in my hotel room that I didn't know about.  I asked why they were all there and one of the guys explained that whenever somebody took this particular hotel room, the staff for the room was called in to work.

Ally's bed where she dreams of being Mrs. Bieber
Typical.  My psyche had to ruin it of course.  I felt guilty that they all had to come to work on account of just me, and that woke me up I suppose.   Holiday Inn, by the way, called me Saturday night and listened to the airing of my grievances about Weekend at Husky Lodge.  Coincidence?  I think not.  On that front I will not relinquish ground.  They still owe me one hairless, freaked out showdog-less weekend!

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  1. Now that you have a post with Ally's man wall...I think one with mine is in order!

    That being said, this post is cute and witty, as always. Well done Mama.