Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tdot and Dimmer's big day

He calls himself the Dimmer.  Or did we name him that?  I can’t remember, it’s been so long.  The most tragically hip friend in our Rolodex has finally taken time out of his busy life amassing every pop culture tidbit in North America to take a beautiful bride, and she who would have him until death do you part, we salute you.
The Honourable Mr. and Mrs. Dimmer
Greig's 91 year old mom and her 94 year old sister who traveled for the wedding from Victoria!
They both outpaced us all the entire evening.
These friends all met at Oxford 25 years ago, the smarty pants lot of them.  
Deb and Phil flanking the groom got married 18 years ago
Chip and I almost 23
Greig apparently more finicky than the rest of us
I knew them as genius freaks of nature.   I was Chip's American girlfriend with a 6 month work visa who had marched across the Atlantic to keep an eye on her boyfriend and live her townie life to their gownie existence.   We shared drinks and laughs and parties at Christmas among other foggy memories.  Globally, the U.S. was engaged in battles with Libya, the American dollar was strong, Princess Di was having babies, Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, Feed the World was a hit song, strangely we played squash, we read The Herald Tribune and we ate the occasional full English at the St. Giles cafe to sop up a night on the town.  

The groom serenades his bride to "I Want it That Way" by the Backstreet Boys as is customary in Canada.
I can't claim anything special about my old friends versus other people's old friends save mine are dear to me and they are indeed mine.  What is it about these friends from my college years?  I can't shake them and I don't want to.   Old friends are in their own china cabinet of memories, to be taken out and admired and put back with care for later.  Old friends are  forever young in my mind's eye and they remind me of what I like about myself.  Our days were saturated with each other, and we moved through events and choices and shaped one another to be the people who we would ultimately become.   That imprinting makes it hard to lose one another even in periods of relationship laziness or long gaps between seeing each other. Face time is not required.  

If only we get together for the very important occasions as our lives go whizzing by, then I am contented and happy with that.  I hope they are, too.

Purse hanger.  Priceless.

Congratulations Greig and Sarah.  If not before, we'll see you at Olivia's wedding.  Or Chip's second!  
Greig yelling for security

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  1. What a nice post! This wedding looked really fun!