Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am the Hawaii Superferry

It's a rollercoaster when you have the tendency to gain more weight than you want to...I go down with a little bit of discipline, do a little weight watchers, walk the dog a little faster. But then I get bored with thinking about it. So, I naturally tend to eat a little more than I should. I always have. I like junk. I don't have the green gene. I have tried to eat vegetables. I think they suck. They really don't taste good to me and I marvel that they do taste good to some people. Eating veggies is like early rising. I am a real wannabe of these two traits and yet I can sleep until noon and I like me some bread and pasta over a salad anyday.

I get the occasional urge to eat something green... asparagus, arugula, southern style greens. I know it's a vitamin deficiency so I go with it. Vitamin B I guess-my body sends a warning flare that I am borderline malnourished. But inevitably, I start eating a little more bread and a little more butter and a few extra cookies and some beers and two hamburgers instead of one...and all that lazy eating, I start packing on the pounds. And not a pound at a time, either. I stay the same for awhile and then like a little kid who grows in his sleep, I wake up five pounds heavier. It's weird, but it's true, in my mind. Then, I just get a little pudgier month after month until my clothes are sausage casing as I ascend in the fatty rollercoaster toward obesity.

I am back on WW. Not fitting into size 12s at this point and that is a major problem for a woman my height. 14s are just right around my ass, but they are really for tall girls as well and that is a problem for me and my 28 in. inseam. I kind of could go for a swim if I inflated the legs. So, I need to get down to a skinny 12 again and I will be happy. A fat size 10 will be even better but I dare not dream. I have decided however, that I will not count my extra glasses of wine...just my first. Surely, nobody got fat on pinot grigio alone.