Sunday, October 11, 2009

My own homecoming queens

Two new comments on my blog this week, one from a dear sister I wish I knew better and another from a dear stranger, have re-energized my interest in blogging. I know my faithful commenters, all six of you, might find me just a tad bit ungrateful. But to have a few new readers say nice things about how my writing has made them feel, well, it was kind of like sitting with Chip as Don Draper walked by and gave me the once over. My commitment is renewed to both the old and the new, but the new is just so sexy!

Homecoming weekend. I don't think homecomings were much of a scene in my youth as I only remember two games and certainly no dances. Kind of back to the fifties here in the midwest. I half expected to see greasers and a few Pink Ladies in the parking lot this weekend. The football game was won Friday night. Saturday, so much planning and coordination of moving bodies between hair and makeup application, picture taking, eating and dancing. God forbid we would eat where our photos are taken as we are so very very grand.

I did actually use a sewing machine, not well I add, to alter one dress and said a prayer to St. Gabriel, patron saint of God's strength, over the zipper of Olivia's strapless dress. Not unlike planning a military mission to Afghanistan, we spent many hours in the war room discussing covert operations in the use of a pashmina as emergency halter top. Prep started at 4pm and all were primped, photographed, fed, and tottling oh so precariously in heels toward the high school gym by 8:30pm. Chip and I dropped and Otto's for a strong, debriefing martini.


  1. OK, I've always wondered - what IS homecoming and what does it have to do with football? Very curious! Well done on the sewing machine work - I might have been tempted to sew the zipper closed too!

  2. Marie Elena MillerOctober 23, 2009 at 6:45 PM


  3. Sarah, I never answered your question. Homecoming is the fete of autumn high school and college life. around a big home American football game which involves going to the game Friday night and then having a big dance the following night with the naming of the "court" and King and Queen of Homecoming. Lots of pageant and tradition. The game is usually rigged in that the home team tries to play for a fairly easy win against a team that is out matched so there can be a big win for the homecoming weekend.