Thursday, February 17, 2011

Collectively we stand

Not much going on here this week, just good old democracy in action.

Whatever the outcome of the governor's harsh and sneakily swift attempt to bust up Wisconsin's unions, this week has been a living, breathing history lesson.  I'm "the man" now so it's been off to work for me every morning.  But as the sun came up Wednesday and I headed out, I whispered in their sleepy ears that watching bad TV all day would be a poor tribute to their teachers and to freedom.  But they were on it long before I said anything, via Facebook and Twitter.  Students at both high schools had amassed virtually on Tuesday night to plan their march to the Capitol.  They arranged rides, assembled at appointed locations, made clever signs and marched peacefully with teachers, friends and strangers to the Capitol to participate in a sit-in, chanting "Kill the Bill!"   Gyros and ice cream and a bit of State Street shopping also turned out to be part of the plan as the unusually warm weather this week has created a festival atmosphere.  Lost mittens and frozen fingers have not been a part of the peaceful demonstrations.

War paint still visible
After two days of protests, their feet are tired and their minds are truly engaged in the world outside the walls of their high school.  They've been watching the news from Cairo.  Even with the distractions of Bieber fever and impending spring training, the power to the people part of democracy has penetrated the teen consciousness.  And Governor Walker doesn't seem like a very democratic guy to them or me this week.

At minimum, they come away knowing the name of Wisconsin's governor and about their right to freely assemble and that's definitely more than I knew about the government when I was their age.


  1. Well done Kids...
    This issue was all over Wall Street Journal today...

  2. "At minimum, they come away knowing the name of Wisconsin's governor..." Yes, neighbors, I know you can spell it: Governor W-A-N-K-E-R.

    You all rock! And Jul, you'll never really be the man.

    Proud to be on the western edge of WI these days.