Thursday, June 11, 2009

High school here we come

The final hurrah. 8th grade graduation comes and goes. Plenty of dry eyes in the house unlike many graduations and milestones. Parents and kids ready to move forward to high school. Teachers ready to be done with these 14 year old peevish know-it-alls. It's past time for them to go.

Fresh eggs looking to their future

Two high school students in our family now. I get a pit in my stomach when I remember how close I was to wanting another baby about seven years ago and what it would feel like to still have a kid in elementary school. The worries about teachers and friends and number facts. I don't have anything left! My friend Natalie and I have a theory that our waning estrogen actually makes us unsafe with younger children. Our attention wanders as the toddlers play with the knobs on the stove.

"Has anyone seen the baby?"
"He was in here a minute ago..."
"Where did I set my wine glass?"

Now that the Den of Slack Shack is open, I've got a summer full of mornings to myself. I have got to get a plan. Facebook is not a good plan.

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  1. Facebook stole my life! The things I could have achieved... Hope it doesn't steal yours and I still get to read your blog. Congratulations on your fabulous daughters.