Monday, August 17, 2009

Lookie lookie loo

I'm casting my hook a little further and further out into the depths each week and feeling a little desperate (in my mind) as I search for employment. It's never been hard to find a job as a nurse and maybe it still isn't if you aren't picky and you specialize in aging boomers. But over the years I have become a specialist in sick kids and a specialist in not working nights, weekends or holidays. Sigh. sigh. I know in six months I'll just kick myself for wasting my days in August worrying about finding work. I just know it. But I'm a worrier and an obsessive and so this little loop I'm currently spinning in will just have to burn itself out.

Today, I spent the afternoon with my rellies. Distant and dead, but nonetheless a joy to look at and talk to and move about the wall. I want you to believe I'm an interior design artist as you admire my artful attention to placement and detail. But it's a big lie. The frames are mostly from Walgreens and the placement is haphazard, although there are some loose groupings by family. This guy is this guy's dad, and this guy is my dad's dad, etc. But the stark contrasts of black and white matting is a complete and utter mistake on my part. As I stood in the matting section of the store today, I convinced myself that all the photographs at home were matted in black. I even put back all the cream colored matting that I initially took off the shelves. I got home, never looked at my staircase, framed the most recent crop, walked over to the wall and realized all the mats were cream colored.

The idea isn't even mine as I stole it from a woman in our birthing class who had us all over for a reunion once all the babies were born. I looked around the room and thought to myself, "I'll never see these people again. I'm stealing her photo staircase idea as soon as I get out of here." I find that many of my decorating ideas are mistakes, stolen and/or a result of sloth and convenience.

It helps to have beautiful parents with which to start such a staircase. There are abbreviations in pediatrics to communicate quickly to colleagues what they are about to come upon in an examination room. FLK is one of my favorites. And it's applicable in my case: BP + BP = FLK. Funny Lookin Kid. I'm not sad or in need of reassurance. I've had my cute days and I like myself generally. But these two...they're just annoyingly attractive.

Absolutely feel free to steal this idea. DIY.

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