Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dreary English weather

We had some sunny days. And now the rains have come. It rains, but it stops. The sun comes out for twenty minutes and then it rains again. People dash around with umbrellas and many young people just get drenched, as they head off to the pubs I guess. Allison and I were caught today because we still cannot get it together to remember slicker and/or umbrella, which we should always grab no matter what the weather looks like as we step out of the house. My mom refers to this unfortunate lack of foresight as having "car ass". Interestingly, on BBC news last night, they predicted that Tropical Storm Hanna would affect England via the Gulf Stream sometime next week. I love weather.

Our internet connection is poor, as we are satellite dependent and I guess the clouds are just too thick. But I am through temporarily, and I hope it holds long enough for this post. Aside from the weather, we are enjoying one aspect of English life very much and that is afternoon tea. Tea is really hard to explain as it seems to mean different things to different people and you can either have a quick one or a "proper" one, which I think might just be dinner. It really suits all of us after school. We have tea and cocoa and cheese and fruit and a sweet generally. Our dinners tend to be lighter and later as a result and it's all just so civilized and relaxing. Of course we aren't running to soccer or dance or evening school events, which is probably why it's so relaxing.

So, I am posting a picture of a little girl in London on a sunny day appropriately dressed for any weather to come. We are going to adjust eventually.

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