Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oxford weekend

I am literally walking my ass off in Oxford. I had to buy a belt last week to keep me trousers up. Now a new method of transport, Blue Bess! She's beautiful because she has a basket. It's a little harrowing traveling by bike on the narrow streets as double decker buses whiz by but I think I will just stay off the big roads as much as possible. Oxford is incredibly flat and makes cycling a breeze.

It's a beautiful weekend here in southern England so will post some everyday sights I am privileged to see each day. It's still summer here. Term hasn't started and it has the feeling of the last weeks of August right before students return but with an air of expectancy that soon things will rapidly feel different.

Took a walking ghost tour last night through the city. Really a historical walk with some legends thrown in. A bloody town and gown history here, though. One row between town and gown resulted in 200 dead in three days. The university is over 800 years old, so lots to discuss. And today I saw the filming of Inspector Morse on Queens Lane.

As you can see, somebody had to get glasses since we arrived. She's a beauty regardless, I think. Chip and I overheard the little brothers across the street. "Do you know how to spell Mum in American?" says one. "Yes, M O M." replies the other.


  1. She looks older, you look younger -- what's with this town?

    I'm glad you're having fun. I think it'll be hard to come back and start driving everywhere again.

    Even though you'll look weird and American, do wear a helmet.

    Hey, the weather is gorgeous here too! I had thought it's the Sarah heat spreading, but maybe it's just global warming...

  2. I love Olivia's glasses. She looks
    great in them. I'm so glad she
    didn't fall for the "Sarah Palin"

    I didn't realize that Oxford had
    such a history of town & gown disputes. Interesting.

    Keep the blog going, Julie. Helps
    me feel what your life there in
    England is like. I love it!

  3. Hey! Comments on my blog! Whoopee. Yes, Olivia is looking pretty mature while I drink the Oxford water and only my picture in the attic ages....very mysterious.....Great to hear from you both.

  4. I'm embarrassed to say how often I check your blog for updates.

  5. Hi, it's so great see your blog and read about life in Oxford! I'll will try to check it more often. GREAT photos. Keep them comin' Julie. I miss ya! I'm heading to Vegas at the end of the week for my brother's 60th birthday party. SO looking forward to a vacation. I'll write when I get back, but you know, what happens in Vegas...