Monday, September 15, 2008

Hay on Wye

Driving on the left side is scary and wrong. Nevertheless, we rented a car with the giant casualty insurance and Chip did a fine job driving us to the border of Wales to visit this wonderful little village devoted to books! Olivia's suggestion, thank you. There are books everywhere in this town. Old books, used books, new books stored everywhere, inside and out, in sheds, in metal bookcases, in boxes by the door. We had a great pub lunch in the Old Black Lion, which I kept calling the Old Red Lion by mistake. Teenage daughters hate that sort of thing, by the way. They call me "Nana". There is a book festival here in May every year and many writers attend. Jimmy Carter was in the Old Black Lion having lunch just four months ago.

The little man sitting outside his house was sort of propped as if to be able to enjoy the village from his doorstep. There was a picture of Winston Churchill in his window as we walked by.

We stopped and looked at some sheep, and I did think at one point that Chip was making sheep noises, so I told him to stop. It turned out to be the sheep making the sheep noises.

The other really fun thing that only I thought was fun was we used the rental car on Sunday to go the BIG AMERICAN STYLE grocery store in the suburbs of Oxford. Many bottles of wine and cans of coke were purchased so that my poor shopping trolley doesn't have to bring the heavy stuff home for a long time!

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  1. OK, I have no idea how to blog and I certainly don't get the whole comments thing, but what the heck. We women "of a certain age" have got to stay young somehow!

    Totally LOVE the pictures and your hysterical editorial. New career for you in writing. Never look back. Start your book! I'll help you type it! We miss you guys, but this certainly helps us to feel a bit closer. When you get back you can teach me how to blog. The problem is, I don't have anything to blog about. Maybe you can help me come up with that. Something like..."good cups of coffee I've had" or a really radical idea like "how I took cholesterol out of recipes." See the differences in our lives???? :)