Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring thaw? Not yet

Snow again. Wisconsin oldtimers never count on winter being over before May 1st. The past six or so years, winter did always wrap up well before May and I chalked up the negativity to fogeyism. But this year maybe they'll be right and I'll have to admit they aren't fogeys. The first year we lived here, I gardened on Mother's Day as I had always done in Philly and was warned off it due to occasional May frosts. But Mother's Day gardening had always been my day of escape! "Sorry, honey, mommy's hands are too dirty. I can't.... hold you, feed you, change you, help you, read to you, play a game with you, fix that, put a band aid on that.....go ask Daddy."

A little flock of baffled juncos at the feeder

Granted it's nowhere near May, but everybody's done with winter. This storm is going to be wet and heavy snow. Chip and Allison are running the tryouts for girls Little League this evening--softball means spring! Outdoor practice on Monday obviously will need rethinking.

Bruce hiding from the weather

A few years ago, we were leaving for China in late March and as it does the night before anyone leaves southern Wisconsin for warmer temperatures, a snowstorm rolled in overnight. We had had about enough of winter that year as well, so Chip and I looked at each other in the garage that morning and with few words exchanged, told the kids to get in the car and gunned it full speed in reverse out of the driveway through the seven inch base and just left the mess behind. It's simply not done here in our neighborhood to leave walks and driveways unshoveled, but we figured anybody who had a problem with it could try to come find us in Shanghai. When we returned, the forsythia was blooming and the snow was gone-problem solved.

Chip vows it's the Shanghai plan tomorrow morning-Mr. Shovel is retired for the season. My therapy will be to decorate for Easter tomorrow. I fight the late winter snows with well placed stuffed bunnies and plastic eggs hurled from the front steps in disgust across the snow covered lawn. Oh, and I'll medicate with pastel foiled Hershey kisses.
Minnie cannot believe her eyes

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