Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring thaw

Mud mohawk, my fault entirely

We don't fool ourselves by thinking this is the end of winter, but these first few days of 50ish temps in March are an optimistic sign that Old Man Winter is losing his grip. There might still be some snow left to puff from his weak lungs but it won't hang on long on this thawing ground, plus we're gaining daylight rapidly and spring break is within sight....winter's almost over and we rejoice with mud! Mud means spring. These hearty 'sconnie spawn love the outdoors and I fear that my pleas for staying dirty until I got my camera caused an uptick in the actual mudslinging. Their moms were good sports luckily for me, and I think the pictures make it all worth the laundry. But I do apologize for any riot I may have incited. I may be in for a hundred bucks in the boys department at Target for some new t-shirts and shampoo.

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