Friday, January 2, 2009

Galway day and night

Where river meets bay

A beautiful city....with excellent shopping. Not much to blog about today unless I went on to list and describe my fantastic haul from the Treasure Chest. Irish linen, Irish porcelain, Irish did they know that's what I wanted? Chip and the girls came and went for over an hour as I perused and finally purchased all of my tat. Belaboring my fixation on Catholicism, I must report that I fondled communion and christening linen, crucifixes and Beleek nativity figures with envy and longing. I settled on Celtic knots, lavender and shamrocks.

Allison and Olivia couldn't stand it any longer. All of their friends have seen Twilight and it just was not cool that they had not. So we dropped them off at the cinema and took a drive along the coast for a glimpse of the only sunshine to peek out all day. It was bitterly cold, so the car ride was a welcome break from the wind. Our bed and breakfast has WIFI, a shower, parking, good breakfast and excellent flat screen TV. What it lacks at times, like so many places in the UK and Ireland, is heat.

Chip enjoyed Galway Bay oysters tonight. Olivia shared one to be sociable, but her face spoke the truth. I could only watch him eat because it is an absurd culinary pursuit to let those slimy things roll over your tongue and down your throat as if that's a good thing. I can eat one if smothered in hot sauce, lemon and Worcestershire and placed atop a saltine....but I would just as soon have that snack minus the oyster. To each his own. Beddy early tonight for it's a long trip tomorrow to Blarney.


  1. I love oysters. Every time I have one, I love it more. With vinegar and shallots. On dark slices of bread, lightly buttered. And a chilled glass of Chablis. But beer might do. Salt water trickling down your chin, the grit still adhering to the shell, mmmmmmm.

    I'll pass on the shopping.

    It's interesting about the British relationship to heat. They freeze their homes and public spaces and then they run away to southern France because they can't stand it any longer. Weird.