Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inaugural Ball, Madison style

We really can dress up! I knew we had it in us. So much time to think about this night and it finally came. The temperature outside was below zero but that didn't stop Madisonians from tapping the keg and getting down to the business of a party. What a welcome back for me and Chip, riding the coattails of the Presidential inauguration. We are shameless in our attempts to get a party in our honor, of sorts. Hey, we voted for him.

Everyone asks, "So how was it (England)?" How can I sum it up? Allison told me, "Mom, they don't really care, just say it was fun."

Tonight was fun.

Happy happy Americans.


  1. What a handsome couple you are! Looks like a very fun party. I couldn't figure out where the party was held?

  2. Party was thankfully moved to Marsha and Ian's house. Much bigger and nicer house. Marsha really made it special. I just did the heavy lifting and acted like Princess for the Day at the front door. It was excellent.

  3. Great photos- came here from Nina's blog.. looks like fun was had by all - even the cardboard cutout :)