Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome home indeed

Both girls cried at different times in the past 24 hours out of relief and joy at being home in their own beds, with their pets. Both girls also in different stages of panic about returning to their schools next week. One giddy, one just downright worried.

Up at 4:30am, the benefit of this particular time change, ready for action. Laundry in, pet naughtiness rooted out and dealt with, coffee and donuts by 11am despite two dead car batteries. AAA, many thanks on that front. Coffee all day, friends in and out, waving from cars, neighbors stopping cars and getting out to give hugs. A big crockpot of chili for dinner and a night in front of the telly.

The plows are flying by the house getting rid of the snow that was unplowable two days ago because of the temperatures. It's positively balmy today at 14 degrees.

The pets still getting used to us, even though we're hugging them and mauling them as if they know us.

No pictures. I'm tired and unfocused, so here's an old one.


  1. Welcome home!!!! Enjoy, rest. Savor the warm weather. Thanks for letting us know you arrived safely. Let's connect after you catch up on everything. Love to you all, SLK (missing you & O & A most especially THIS weekend!)

  2. Welcome back! Here's to functional Internet and life out of a closet rather than a suitcase.