Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blood and cake

It's that time of the year when our minds turn to ridiculous cakes. My husband says goodbye to another cohort of students going off into the big bad executive world of human resources. He feels not like a parent but certainly a responsible mentor for these adults finding happiness and success in the next chapter of their work lives. Three graduating, all with jobs and that is a good thing. My friend asked me today if Chip had any prognostications about when the financial crisis might stabilize. My response was, "Who...Chip? Chip Hunter? He doesn't know anything about money. His currency is people, man." Cold comfort.

Good luck and congratulations to these new managers of human resources. In the end, after twenty years of the government and greedy financiers ransacking my children's futures, and as layoffs and unpaid furloughs and plant closings and cutbacks loom for everyone, I feel proud that my husband and his colleagues study and research the real goldmine in business, the quality and management of its work force. I get excited that maybe I'm a Marxist but Chip will insist that I'm still just a Fascist. Well, I can't help it if I do know what's best for everyone. It's a curse really. Me and Fidel, we get it.

Meanwhile, a daughter worries and even cries a little about her fears around giving blood on Friday. It's all she could talk about this week. She read all her Red Cross literature, had her permission slip signed and has been fully educated on her hydration and nutritional needs for the days leading up to her donation. She's committed to the donation in her mind and very afraid she's letting the Red Cross organization down if she freaks out and chooses not to give blood in the end. I used the "drop in an ocean" metaphor regarding her tiny contribution. Not sure what she'll do, come Friday, but I told her if I get a phone call about an "emotional breakdown" in the donation area, I will not be a happy mommy. My funny little A positive valentine.

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  1. Actually, tell her it's not that bad. She should
    just try and relax and more importantly, don't
    look at the nurse and what she/he is doing. I
    gave a couple of times in my younger years.
    Anyway, good for her!