Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I guess travel is my muse because even though I'm not the traveler, it's still been an exhilirating week. The English girls have blown in such fresh air to our musty collective state of minds that it will hopefully sustain us through the last few weeks of school and my second job interview via the phone. I still don't get it, but I've decided to pretend that my mind is young and nimble and go with the flow. The job I've applied for would be especially good for me and I for it.

So, our last day in Madison, the English girls went to the 8th grade for a day. That was quite enough for them. The experience almost took their sparkle away, so I was glad to load them in the minivan and head south for the windy city. When a Madison public school teacher says to you, "I knew you must not be from here because you aren't dressed normal.", it's time to run away.

A few days in Chicago before these sweet things leave us. I can imagine that next week will feel pretty lonely for me and for Ally.

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  1. oh, man, that teacher, the one who's bird-dogging the non-NORMAL, has GOT to go. what could s/he possibly be thinking? well, we know what the thinking is; it's really an issue of editing the thoughts before they come out one's mouth. i hope the English girls were able to provide an excellent riposte, even if not directly to the teacher in the moment, but only later to Ally. And you.