Wednesday, May 19, 2010

25 years and it's like yesterday

Sometimes it’s good to have a little distance from one’s computer if only to spare dear readers from the minutiae of one’s thoughts and feelings at a 25th college reunion.   In a nutshell:  I had great taste in friends in college and it’s good to be me.

Our approach into the Philadelphia airport was almost balletic, slow motion pirouettes one wing up around and around again until finally it was our turn to land. I always look out my window for familiar sites, I-95, the Delaware River bridges and finally the familiar tall buildings of my hometown. 

Crossing the river from downtown into West Philadelphia, my former stomping grounds twice

The University of Pennsylvania.  Still not Penn State.  A place in time where I met these tragically hip people who strangely continue to call me friend.  We don’t talk often but when we get back together it takes just a minute or two to fall into old patterns of silliness and easy intimacy.  This weekend was the finale of a whirlwind month filled with old friends from childhood through college.  My cup runneth over.  I’m spoiled and ruined forever.

Gorgeous women of a certain age

The only guy on our dorm hallway with a computer.  He would have to kick us out of his room to do his homework.  We liked to play a new thing called video games.

Why anybody thought this foursome was a good idea is beyond me and also beyond belief
We were once called the 4 Wah Stop 
and I'll leave it there

An unexpected benefit to spending time with a whole bunch of people exactly the same age as myself was commiserating over the universal experiences we’re sharing in real time.  Prom dresses, sex talks, college tuitions, under-age drinking, spastic first-time drivers, marital troubles, aging parents, losing parents, alcohol recovery (not me yet), high school athletics, ACTs, ADD, STDs, SSRIs.  An inexhaustible amount of topics straight out of ABC afterschool specials of our youth and Dateline NBC.  None of us has perfect kids or marriages and everyone seemed quite open and anxious to share.  Most of us have been moved to great acts of love and, at times, despair in managing our families and we were delighted to sit and catch up leisurely while grabbing each other Yuenglings for the better part of the afternoon. 

It's was if no time had passed at all

I had to laugh at the 10th reunioners bringing up the rear of the parade down Locust Walk, a weary stroller brigade starring harried parents and screaming tired 5 year olds. Been there, done that….and so not fun.   I may have teenagers who don’t do their homework and sass me up down and sideways but they had no interest in attending or ruining my reunion Saturday.  Ours was a jolly tent and no sippy cups in sight.

Kids present only on cell phones since we no longer have strollers

Home sweet home with my mama in time for my birthday.  She deemed my kindle "kind of cheap looking."  It's going to be an awesome month.

How can Milwaukee look so beautiful?

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  1. I love this post's pictures and text. I wish I'd been there. But pictures of the "5 roommates" require too much explaining.