Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garbled thoughts of a dreary week

My mind's a jumble again and I'm not alone.  No sun for five days.  I can't quite alight on one thought or one task.  I'm worried about the little Dutch boy who is the lone survivor of a plane crash in Libya.  I'm shocked about the coalition government in England.  I want to know exactly what a coalition government means.  I thought we were out of peanut butter but then I found a jar thus sabotaging my trip to the grocery store.  I worried I might ruin the mashed potatoes at dinner.  I saw a movie this afternoon with a friend who is always on the go and when she suggests a movie rather than a bike ride or a run, well, it's time to look out the window for hail, fire and brimstone.  The movie we went to see, City Island,  was a lot of family yelling and miscommunication in a Shakespearean fashion that all felt about right given the mood in Madison right now.  Everybody is down.

Chip, possibly the sunniest and perkiest of personalities, sent me a text that he was crabby about the weather and the rainy day golfers.  Also a sign of the apocalypse when weather affects the big man.  Olivia is positively out of gas and tested out from APs this week and taking a mental health day on Friday to watch a Toddlers and Tiaras marathon and eat simple carbohydrates like puddings and crackers.  Ally's playing softball in Under Armor and so cold that last night that she had to shower for 30 minutes before dinner just to bring up her core temperature to eat.  I'm not sure how much more we all can all take.  The sun is supposed to return tomorrow.

I'm off to my 25th college reunion tomorrow and to fetch Nana back to the Midwest.  Hopefully Nana will bring the sun with her or it's going to be pretty cold smoking her ciggies on the back porch.  She of course refuses to use the little portable heater I bought for her out there for fear of....yes, you guessed it, a fire.  Because cigarettes aren't unsafe at all in that respect.

The veggie patch has been planted, the garden is in good shape.  What everything living needs right now is a little sunshine.


  1. I have to admit the weather this week even bummed me out and I'm a Seattleite at heart. (or muscle sucker as they would say on City Island) I'm hoping work stays slow so more movie's on the agenda or maybe a short 50 miler on my bike!

  2. Hey Jules...the sun will come out...these dreary spells just make the contrast more striking when it does appear and makes one enjoy the day even more!
    I am hitting my 25th Reunion at Lehigh next Saturday....unfortuantely Classmate Alison Hahn will not be attending depsite my taunting.

  3. I plan on hanging out around the 40th and 50th reunion tents to make myself feel a little young. I'll let you know how that works out as a strategy. :)

  4. Frost here. I had to scrape ice off the car and it was May 13th. I was way beyond grumpy.