Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sanibel Island dreams

Leslie, Mollie, Julie.  Missing: Susan
Along with bingo, I also enjoy shell collecting. That phrase should probably not be the start of anybody's biography but there it is. I'm on my annual vacation with girlfriends from high school.

We're short one old broad this year which is a bummer, but she's got to run her kid's PTO and prevent the St. Paul school district from pulling any shenanigans during this budget-y time of year. She's with us in spirit and like never before we are so wired up and plugged in on this vacation (there isn't a spare outlet in the cottage) it's almost like she's actually here. We text, we picture message, we facebook, we blog. The world is at your feet when you have a computer.

Inventory over a bottle of red

Some pictures for family and friends of the nefarious goings-on of girls gone wild on Sanibel Island. Dinner, sunset at the Mucky Duck on Captiva and shutting down the Twilight Cafe.  Twilight is about right since they were having last call when we arrived at 9:30pm.

Doc Ford's delicious Island Shrimp served over cheesy grits and cilantro sauce...mmmm

Sunset on Captiva

"Please kick us out, Rachel." We've never been kicked out of a bar before."

She agreed and once the restaurant had been vacuumed, the staff had mostly disappeared and the musician had packed up his guitar, we were asked to leave. Recklessly, we headed to the 7Eleven for chocolate following our Patron nightcaps. Wild times. All were asleep by 10:45pm.

My new friend at the Ding Darling Nature Reserve

I post this one for Chip who remembers dancing with daughters in dresses as this dad was off to do.

Island colors

Tonight, a silent auction for the Christian pre-school at the Sanibel Golf and Tennis Club.  I hope we can keep our shirts on.


  1. You ladies look like you're having a great time here at Sanibel. And....your inventory looks good so far. :)

  2. Thanks, Tootie. We enjoyed ourselves and I'm glad you enjoyed the post.