Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm cold and my sneakers are wet

I have stood in the rain for two days now as part of my civic duties and all I can say is, volunteerism sucks in bad weather.

A plant sale in early May in Wisconsin can easily be one of the coldest events to attend during a year.  Just because it says May on the calendar does not mean it can't be in the low 40s and snowing an hour north.  Indeed we had sleet here.  My days of celebrating Mother's Day by gardening are long gone with our move to Wisconsin.  Tomorrow, I'll be curled up trying to figure out my birthday Kindle (thanks Dad) watching probably bad TV and wet snow out the window.

These plants were actually shivering in my garage.  I saw it.

All the volunteers at the plant sale were good sports because it's for a good cause, children's charities, and I will say that if there is one benefit to having a plant sale in miserable weather is that only the heartiest of gardeners are out shopping.  I learned a lot about plants and how to take care of them from the customers alone.  There weren't too many Mother's Day shoppers out while I worked either day, except one baffled looking man with his two daughters today.  Presumably those folks who buy one plant a year (exactly the opposite of the sort of gift you'd advise giving a mom who already has eight million things to take care of) are scared off by clouds and cold temperatures and instead head to Walgreens to select from their line of fine fragrances by Prince Matchabelli and Oleg Cassini.

And Farmer's Market, can't forget that, as part of my ongoing and so far incredibly lame efforts to shop local produce.   I headed off to the west side market without a plan again (note to self: stop doing that!) so ended up with only fresh cut rhubarb and potted mint to plant for my soon to be veggie patch on the side of my house.  Chip, becoming desperate for morels, ignored my negativity about finding said morels and braved the Capitol farmers' market coming up with these gorgeous beauties, soon to be in our bellies.
Morels I love u

Strawberry Rhubarb crisp.  I'm not a huge berry dessert gal but this was delicioso.  Thanks, Handy Ann... a person with the best recipe box in the neighborhood, readily accessible to her fingertips and always willing to share.  I don't even think she leaves ingredients out of the recipe know, so yours never tastes as good?

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and Aunties who have a hand in raising up all these damn children underfoot everywhere.  I hope you have a moment tomorrow to savor the day in between brunch and cleaning up what the cat dragged in and throwing in a load of laundry and organizing for Monday morning.

Happy Mother's Day to my three cybermoms, Faye N., Gerry C., and Ann P.  Love you.


  1. What, I'm not a cybermom? Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to you anyway.