Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations, America

I felt hungover this morning. It could have been the prosecco at 2am or the two hours of sleep. Chip passed a guy facing traffic this morning with a handpainted sign , "Ding Dong, the Goons are Gone."

Went to a netball match at a rival school. Our girls were no better than theirs but they were both outmatched by the third team. Theirs was a flawless game of passing and shooting. The scores ran roughly 31-0, 17-1, 22-0, if you get what I'm sayin'.

Above is the High Street in Oxford about a half mile from where I was actually supposed to get off the bus but due to fiddling with my netball pictures in the fog of my presbyopia, jumped off too early, and was too embarrassed to jump back on. So a pleasant stroll in the misty rain.

Exhausted, we all returned home for an early evening and to bed, when the fireworks started going off and the neighbor came to invite us to a bonfire/fireworks party as it is Guy Fawkes Day. Ya gots to be sociable. Off we toddled for mulled wine, hearty congratulations from all our neighbors about our new President, fireworks and dutch applecake.

I walked the streets looking for signs that the world looked different today, but it looked the same. Oh well. I feel great!


  1. The world IS different.

    When you listen to the news and the comments about possible cabinet appointments -- suddenly, you hear names of people whom you respect! How different is that??

    But, life does go on. Are you inviting the Oxford world to Thanksgiving?

  2. We are cooking Thanksgiving at our friend's house. Where we live, is to put it kindly, student housing. The oven is not to be trusted for a big bird.

  3. Saw that oven and surrounding kitchen...not gonna happen.

    Love that...Ding Dong, the Goons are Gone! I'll have to come up with the rest of the alternate lyrics today.

  4. Chip passed along a rough sense of net ball ("basketball without dribbling") but it'd be interesting to get your take on the rules and feel of the game. In college, my basketball coach used to have us play "basketball without dribbling" (or other rules), a game he called "Commando." It was violent and ridiculous. Hopefully, not what your daughter is experiencing in netabll!

  5. Strangely, it is completely without contact between players. Whistle blows and the ref yells CONTACT and you get a penalty. And you are free to stand under the net unmolested and take your shot and a cup of tea if you'd like. Everyone just stands and waits. It's bizarre but there was no fear of injury except falling down as teenage girls do without provocation. Poppy especially. Allison doesn't know what she's doing but having fun doing it.