Friday, November 28, 2008

Paris by night

A wonderful dinner at Le Procope last night, recommended by our friend. Thanks, Nina.

Traveling with teens is like traveling with vampires. They utterly refuse to get out of their coffins before 11am. Tomorrow, Chip and I might go see the city by daylight while they sleep....


  1. Oh, I was so waiting for this set of photos! Beautiful!

    I remember traveling with daughters of the same age through Paris. Their dad and I said in exasperation -- meet us downstairs at the cafe for breakfast when you are ready.

    That was our longest sit at a cafe ever. We covered the hours between breakfast and lunch. (But at least we were people watching and not daughter nagging.)

    How is the hotel? How was the ride over? Do they love Paris?

  2. The ride over was great. Leisure select class brings wine, champagne and calm, unhurried, impeccably timed but not luxurious train service. None of the irritation associated with flying. Totally worth the extra money. And it goes so fast. The hotel is fine, rooms nice, hallway has a smell, but girls on sixth floor and us on first so a little logistically annoying. I guess I should be more "American" and have that sorted out, but I don't have it in me anymore. The girls are keeping their reflections to themselves for now. I will get more information once they talk to friends and I eavesdrop. They are keen to do everything though, so it must be that they love it.

  3. How exciting! The photos are just

    Tom & I are headed to Cabo San
    Lucas, Mexico, next week. I
    think I would rather be going to
    Paris! Too bad Olivia can't be
    with us to translate.