Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun with the Internet

The Eighties

The Sixties


Olivia and I having fun on the computer tonight. I quite fancy my looks. Sometimes teenagers are especially clever on the computer. Facebook does have its merits. Thanks to L. S. for the link.


  1. Lovejul, don't I actually have a copy of your 6th grade photo that looks just like that? The one with you in a maroon sweater...?

  2. Why do you have a picture of me from 6th grade? Not a good year for me. You actually have stuff on me. D'Oh.

  3. And if I remember correctly, I had it blown up to a 5x7 when I worked at the Moto Photo in Boston... but I'm not sure what happened to that gem... But wasn't it a maroon sweater with yellow shirt underneath? Very Jim Zorn these days, very Rick Sweeney back then. (you'll have to ask Chip about Sweeney)