Sunday, November 2, 2008

Will the memories sustain me through the cold winter?


While I will miss the perfect cappucinos (thick froth, but rich and milky, not all air like Starbucks' which are expensive and suck), I will be happy to return to my big steaming hot mug of coffee. Two ounces of coffee in the morning just isn't a lingering cuppa.

La Bocca della Verita

With half a day to burn, we headed out to see the church where La Bocca della Verita, known to anyone who has seen Roman Holiday, will bite off your hand if you answer untruthfully to a question asked. Chip asked very tame questions such as "Do you love gelato?" and "Do you love Zac Efron?" That was a waste of an opportunity to find out some good gossip, in my opinion.

Jewish ghetto supermodel

Recommended in the guidebook, we didn't have time to go to the Jewish ghetto, or so we thought. We stumbled right into the neighborhood looking for the bus. Many shops closed, there was a fantastic pizzeria open which had the hallmark of a good eating establishment. Policemen were popping in mid-shift to grab pizza by the gram. We ordered four different kinds and enjoyed a fantastic lunch quite unexpectedly in this tiny maze of streets. A fantastic last meal for about ten dollars. We could not make a mistake this trip, food wise. Roasted artichoke very big here. On the pizza is especially tasty, but just a plain roasted artichoke, which tastes like it's roasted in olive oil, salt and love, is also delicious as we discovered at Dino and Tonys.

I will miss the mediterranean colors

Just barely enough time left for one last gelato before our cab to the airport. We made it back to Oxford in the pouring rain, but it still felt like home and it felt good to be back.


  1. Love the pics of O & A with their hands in the mouth of "tell the truth" face while being questioned by Chip. And that pizza looks GOOD!

  2. That pizza rocked. It was kosher, we think, because there was no meat on any of the pizzas and about a thousand varieties. You would have loved it because the devil flesh was not on any of the pizza.

  3. I have tried everything to get that cappucino right here. I tell them: Small, but wet, not too much air on the froth,double shot, rich and creamy please! They can't get it. Why???

    Lovely journey. And thanks to the girls for allowing the photos and the stories. I have very very limited rights in that area on Ocean.

  4. I have terrific hambones for daughters who love any and all publicity. They inherited some strange Broadway genes, a mix of the professor who comfortably gets up in front of students and maybe a mother obsessed with a need to entertain others.