Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Les Mis experience

Ally's birthday request was to see a show in London and she chose Les Mis. For my part, although I've seen it once before, I started crying by the second song and stayed weepy until intermission. I pulled it together until Eponine took one for the Revolution. I could feel the giant drops hitting my blouse again. Occasionally, Chip would reach over and pat my knee because he figured I was crying. Generally, he was correct. It's tragic and epic and getting caught up in the story is part of the fun. Even the ensuing headache that comes with holding back the full blown sobs is almost worth it. It's just like the Steel Magnolias or the Brian's Song headache. I wish they had a little cigarette girl who came around at intermission and sold Advil.

After the show, we strolled Camdentown while waiting for our dinner companions. Excellent bargains, for the very young and hip of course.

A nod to my friend Nina. I can't take pictures of food like she does, but we went for pizza at Marine Ices in Chalk Farm. Sprinted to Paddington with three minutes to spare for the last train to Oxford. Tomorrow, we worship the birthday girl. Better get my rest.


  1. Hi, just found you when I was doing a google search for Oxford covered market..Do you live in Oxford.

    I love is such an exciting place. Marine ices has been going for years and years, my husband used to in Chalk Farm, he always talks about it, when his family start talking about living in London!!

  2. I think there are still many parts of Camden that I have yet to explore. We are here in Oxford for a semester abroad. Marine Ices' food was good but after a recent trip to Italy, we found the ice cream a little disappointing. Maybe it's the weather...probably good when the temperatures are warmer.
    Thanks for viewing my blog!

  3. Hi yes we have just been to Italy for 10 days and my word the icecream (Gelato) was amazing.

    I forgot to say, I live 10 miles from Oxford, off there again tomorrow with my friend.!! :-)