Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Like I said back in February 2007....I love a snow day

Madison snow day in years past

February 2007

I was up at the regular time this morning, got the girls off to school and sat down to check the Internet. I checked the weather around the U.S. cities where I and my nearest and dearest live and noted a remarkably well timed snowstorm in southeastern Wisconsin that might result in school closings. Snow days are few and far between in Madison but not unheard of especially in the past five years. I think the number of driving parents, the increase and diversity of the student population, the snow day once or twice a season is a realistic hope. The key to the Madison snow day is the city bus service. If the city buses can run safely, schools are open. But I suspect a more practical matter weighs heavily in these decisions--whether the teachers will be trapped at the end of the day with screaming parentless children one minute after contracted hours. Have you ever really looked at a teacher at 3pm? They've done their job admirably but it is time for their students to go home. That contract is binding baby, and if there is the slightest whiff of an army of teachers stuck at school with our kids past their working hours, I think things could get ugly fast. I am naturally suspicious and think the worst of people and organizations, which is why I think this.

In any case, any snow day for a friend is a snow day for me. (see above link to a post from over a year ago before my blogging had really taken root). The timing of this storm looked promising, with the bulk of the snow falling during the school day and peaking at 3pm. I hopped on the Channel3000 website and began streaming the live morning show which starts at 5am at home. I kept watch for my friends most of whom still lay in their warm beds, even emailing one teacher friend that I knew would be awake. She emailed back, dubious of her chances. I shared my theory about teachers being trapped with little monsters, and she thought I might have a point although she is one of those teachers who would gladly stay with the little monsters regardless of her contract. I told her to hang in there until 5:50am, an arbitrary time of my choosing. Sure enough as I was typing, she emailed back, NO SCHOOL. She called me minutes later, a teacher with a free day off in the middle of the week! That's like talking to a kid on Christmas morning! We had a good old chinwag about all sorts of fun topics and reveled together in her day off. Everyday for me is a day off, but her celebration is mine as well today. I stayed in my pajamas until 3pm, chatting on Skype with my dad and playing with my pictures on Snapfish.

I love snow days. They are like found money. Stay in your pajamas, don't do anything practical or organizational or useful, Madison. I am with you in spirit.

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