Monday, December 29, 2008

Stealing a signal

Fab Four

Jubilee Bridge at Runcorn

Me and John outside The Cavern

The Three Graces, Liverpool waterfront

My blogging has been hampered the past few days by not having wireless for our laptop. Although I took a little tip from a certain teenager and was able to steal a signal here and there, it wasn't enough to post many photos--here are the rest. I haven't championed the cause of ethical use of the wireless Internet this weekend--should I feel guilty? I don't.

We said goodbye to Liverpool and our friends, off on a great drive through North Wales toward the ferry at Holyhead. The drive has islands, ocean, mountains and castles. And Welsh signage which is cool and weird and right out of Lord of the Rings.

Say what now?

It occurred to me today that many people may still be going to holiday parties, returning their gifts to the mall and trying to find babysitters for New Year's Eve. We've hopped in the time machine with Dr. Who. We have no holidays--no tree to take down, no parties, no leftovers. We're citizens of a parallel universe for the next two weeks--the open road is our home. Like retirees in Winnebagos. Off to Ireland we go, in style.

Club class, baby

I get seasick easily but have today determined that complimentary white wine, Stilton and Ritz crackers keeps the beast at bay. Or was I just too drunk to notice the nausea?

Docking in Dublin


  1. Tom's family home is outside of Belfast, but he
    can't remember which direction. There is a
    graveyard where his great-great-grandfather is
    buried. (i think that was enough greats) His
    name was James Neill.
    You must remember to ask about Garrett Fitzgerald,
    the PM who visited us a few years ago, just to
    see what people say about him. I failed as a
    hostess because I had no egg cups. I did have
    porridge though. An interesting experience
    to say the least!

  2. I meant to add that your ferry looks way nicer
    than our ferries that travel to the islands out
    of Seattle. Have fun in Ireland!!!

  3. That photo of the sun breaking through onto the water is amazing.

  4. And after this, a quiet life in Parkwood Hills? I don't think so!

    Have a wonderful adventure! (But no parties, gift returns or baby sitter needs back here. Just COLD.)