Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ancient Rome as felt by my ankles

The gladiators


Trevi Fountain

He better be wishing to come back with me

There's almost too much good stuff to photograph. It is amazing that the city with a million vespas, honking horns, chic fashionistas and the latest in cell phones can have a two thousand year old history. The exoskeleton of the city shows the wear and tear, as evidenced mostly by the sidewalks along the river, if you don't count the obvious sites. The sidewalks appear to have been patched thousands of times and there is just no fixing them anymore. There's graffiti everywhere but after awhile, it sort of blends in with the rest of the gritty scenery. Lots of graffiti in ancient times as well, from what I've read. Given the bloody past of the ancient Romans, a little graffiti seems pretty tame. Anyway, just a short post this morning because I have an audience with the Pope. I plan to let him know my thoughts on the merits of birth control.


  1. Enjoying the pictures from Italy. The gelato, I think, looks to be the central theme. Glad to know it's having such positive effects on everyone. Evan and Elliot and I ate gelato today too at 3 pm CST. Were there any Hunters eating it at that time in Italy?

    Halloween is tomorrow. Weather has turned warm and beautiful here (61 degree high forecasted) so that will be quite a change from every other freezing cold Halloween night in the past. Purchased 15 bags of candy to give out...hope that's enought. Sadly there will be no need for us to trick or treat on Everglade this year...we're ready for you all to come home.

  2. The gelato is a huge reason why this trip has been so successful. It's like puppy training. The children behave better with treats.