Monday, October 27, 2008

Stroll for gelato at night

Ponte Vecchio (no gelato here)

Duomo (no gelato here)

Gelato No. 4 10pm (found it!)

A walk after dinner for one more gelato. No grappa tonight, but limoncella made famous by Danny DeVito who drank it all night with George Clooney and went on The View. If I had to meet Elizabeth Hasselbeck, I would drink a bottle of limoncella as well. It's quite tasty but Chip says he's back to the grappa tomorrow.

Goodnight Florence. Tomorrow, the Uffizi and David, then train to Rome.


  1. What a great trip! It sounds
    wonderful. Great photos! By
    the time you leave Italy, you are
    either going to hate gelato or
    you will buy a machine so you
    can make your own.
    The girls look like they are
    having a blast, that's so neat.

  2. (Referencing your picture of the Ponte Vecchio with the comment "no gelato here") Wow, I do remember a gelateria at the beginning of the Ponte Vecchio on your right as you are walking over the Arno towards the Uffizzi! Is it not there anymore??? I need to go back and find out for myself.