Friday, October 10, 2008

Sir Roger

Sir Roger and the Americans

Today, Scott and I took a lovely bike ride along the Thames, lunched in town on a delicious baguette of goat cheese, fig chutney and rocket and then waited a brief hour to meet Sir Roger Moore at Borders bookstore in Oxford. He was gracious and patient and in a fabulous suit with his lovely wife at his side. Scott handed him the book to be signed and said, "Oh, it's upside down..." to which Sir Roger replied, "That's alright, so am I." I stood there mute with a gigantic grin on my face looking perhaps like Scott's special sister. We came home and celebrated with martinis and beef.

Shaken not stirred


  1. What a fun day you two must have had!

    I especially like the way it ended,
    those martinis looked pretty darn

  2. We had fun. Chip was thinking great thoughts in his office, but I think he had a good day, too. Just not my idea of fun. The martinis were excellent. Even without all my bar tools, I have the gift. :)

  3. Where did you find 2 matching glasses in that poor excuse for a kitchen?

  4. Is it just me, or does Sir Roger look a wee bit like Waldo in those glasses and with that tie on?

    FYI, when you ask Chinese people who is the best 007, Sir Roger wins by a solid margin.

  5. I think those glasses are from NASA. They can actually refract light to reveal other solar systems.