Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Silly faces

Silly pictures from a silly family. Where do they get their flare for the dramatic? Oh, I guess it's us. The MySpace poses are very common when photographing teens. They purse their lips seductively and make a sideways peace sign as illustrated above. It's so lame.


  1. So, you're Lonely Planet people, eh? Do you have a designated reader?

    Scarves and caps. Hmmm. Still on light jackets here.

    Drove past your house yesterday. Still standing!

  2. Hey, I recognize those stocking
    caps (at least, Olivia's). They
    were purchased in Bejing!

  3. I prefer the kooky lookin' old royals myself. I can't get with that teen thing. Evan's not there yet. At least I don't think he is. He does spend infinite hours on the computer, but I think it's still Harry Potter websites, etc. And now he's creating a set of Star Wars-themed Yugioh type cards for Elliot for least that's what he tells me.