Saturday, October 25, 2008

London to Pisa

New friends and guinea pigs

Stroll through the parks

Spent an incredibly fun Friday night and Saturday with our friends in London enjoying their excellent hospitality. Great company and great food and drink on a beautiful autumn weekend. Today, a fantastic leisurely breakfast in a sunny kitchen followed by an afternoon walk around Wimbledon followed by a pub stop then more good food and a generous lift to Gatwick. Easy flight to Pisa and tomorrow morning we'll wake up and go find us a leaning tower. One more thing...

Happy Birthday Bobby D.


  1. Good friends, food, drink... Travel, anticipation, Italy, available WiFi...

    Life is tough.

    We are about to enjoy a hard frost again here, in Wisconsin. There is no leaning tower, though there was plenty of drinking downtown as the Badgers were playing (and they won, fyi. I think.).

    I really don't believe in feelings of jealousy. It's a blue eyed monster and all that.

    But just so you know, I do have blue eyes.

  2. hi its the milburns guinea pigs rule