Monday, October 27, 2008

High on gelato in Florence

The Duomo

Santa Croce

"Hey Dante, lighten up."

I'm going to post before the grappa today so as to not embarrass myself on the internet. A highlight today was touring my favorite church, Sante Croce to see the tombs of some major cultural heavyweights--Dante, Macchiavelli, Michelangelo and Galileo. Our pensione/hotel here in Florence has a beautiful terrace that overlooks the Boboli Garden behind the Pitti Palace. The real beauty of Florence is that every body's hotel overlooks something impressive because Florence is so densely packed.

Today, we enjoyed a day of shopping (new leather coat for Julie!) including perusing the "tat" as they call it in England. Florence is the home of Michelangelo's David which we'll hopefully see tomorrow. But today, we were prepped for that visit at every corner. There are hundreds of trinkets (aprons, magnets, statues, potholders, t-shirts, etc) emblazoned with David's "junk" as the kids call it. Olivia and Allison (and I confess, me, too) are bemused by it.

Gelato 3

A strange behavior has taken hold of Allison since arriving. She's giddy. She has literally been, at times, overtaken by a need to dance. At first, I worried it was the vino de casa she sampled yesterday. However, Chip pointed out it was probably the sugar surge of the gelato consumed first at 10am and then again at 4pm. But the sullen teen is conspicuously absent since our arrival and we are well pleased. I have possibly uncovered the cure to sullenness. We are instituting a new health regimen at home, breakfast gelato.

Needs a cig

As I sipped my espresso today, I cried out, "I wish I smoked." Luckily, my family already thinks I'm nuts so I can just say what's on my mind but the complete picture at an outdoor cafe in Italy with one's espresso really is a cigarette. Oh, well, better not.


  1. My family would collectively vote Florence their favorite city in the world. There is something about it... Heck, maybe it's the gelato?!

    Did you find the little outdoor cafe in the Boboli Gardens? Best view in the world award, in a place that, as you say, has plenty of good views.

    Sigh... more snow fluries and wind in Wisconsin today...

  2. hi. pete is nervous about the election. that is not a good sign. i wish i smoked too. miss youxoxosy

  3. (from Denise) Did you ever get to see the David? Marvelous, isn't it? If memory serves me correctly, I went to an Italian language school right near Santa Croce (I'm pretty sure it was Santa Croce). Ah, how I miss Florence, and Italy in general! I'll get back there one day... I threw a coin in the fountain too, as Chip did in Rome!