Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why is italy awesome?

The Arno, Pisa

Pitti Palace, Florence

Gelato 1, 10:30am in Pisa

Bambina and Mama

Traditional pose, Pisa

Gelato 2, 4pm in Florence
In a word: grappa.


  1. You know why Italy is awesome? Italy is awesome because you guys are all in short sleeves, while we are experiencing gusts of wind and yes, snowshowers.

    On the upside: there is talk of a landslide next Tuesday!!

  2. I am wearing my Obama pin on my camera bag here in Italy. So far, nobody has commented or appears to care. It is warmish here although the rain has moved in. Boo hoo.

  3. Yes, I also noticed the short sleeves, the sunny sunshine and lack of huddling together for warmth. I'm thinking Italy looks awesome too.

    This weekend we survived, in my opinion, one of the most blustery soccer games on record. Then, as Nina said, some snow flurries on Sunday night. But right now, I've got a cuddly, sick Elliot on my lap keeping me warm.


    you wouldint have survived the wind this weekend ,Julie.

    from Elliot

  4. So glad to have missed the wind. Against.